Point of Party AdvertisingTM

Advertising Benefits


Pay only for the impressions that actually run in front of your target audience. All impressions are 100% verified. If a venue isn't playing CHIVE TV, then you are not paying for it.


Not only can you react the perfect audience on-premise, but you will reach the most engaged audience possible. Our content keeps eyes glued to bar television screens, and your message will have a measurable impact lifting sales, awareness, and interest in your product.


Added Value brand studies (to measure effectiveness of your campaign) available by market.

We're everywhere: CHIVE TV has national coverage, from sea to shining effin' sea.

We're specialized: Want to hone in on a certain market? A certain city? A certain bar or restaurant? We've got local market penetration, too, so you'll always get your product in front of the right consumers.

We're spreading like wildfire: Venue owners agree that CHIVE TV builds, maintains and fosters a highly engaged audience. That's why we're the fastest growing DOOH network in the world and our devices stay on, even during major sporting events.

We're addictive: People are watching us non-stop, so they'll be watching your ads, too.

We're where the wild folks are: If you're an alcohol or bar-centric brand looking to convince folks they should try your product, it's right there in front of them. We mean RIGHT THERE, at point of purchase. Doesn't get anymore direct than that.

We're fair: If a venue isn't playing CHIVE TV, it doesn't cost you a cent. You'll pay only for the impressions that actually run in front of your target audience. Plus, all impressions are 100% verified. We ain't here to fleece you. We just wanna love you. Simple as that.

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