CHIVE TV Affiliate Program

What is the CHIVE TV
Affiliate program?

theCHIVE's newest product, CHIVE TV has exceeded all expectations and businesses love the product. However, there are tons of places that have never heard of CHIVE TV, and this is where you come in. We are looking for a few good men and women to assist in growing CHIVE TV presence around the US. All you have to do is visit local businesses in your area, present CHIVE TV to the manager or owner, and if they sign up, you get paid. It's that simple.

What's in it for You?

Money! For every CHIVE TV install you are responsible for referring, we will pay you $100 tax-free*. There is no limit on the number of installs you get, but we do ask that any franchises or enterprise-sized businesses be referred to our team to handle.

Once a CHIVE TV device is deemed active** and has been streaming for 30 days in a venue, we will pay you $100 via PayPal*** for every venue you refer.

*If you refer 6 or more venues that install CHIVE TV, we will need to send you a 1099 as you will have exceeded $600 in payments, and you will need to report that to Uncle Sam.

**Active Devices must play CHIVE TV for at least 40 hours per month and are measured on the 23rd of each month. Payments will be made as soon as is feasible thereafter.

***Payments are subject to standard PayPal processing fees, which are paid by the recipient.

How Does it Work?

First, you sign up to become an affiliate by filling out the form HERE.

Then, we’ll email you several CHIVE TV one-sheets to review and a Certification Test to verify that you are knowledgeable about the CHIVE TV product. You must have a Gmail account in order to take the Certification Test. Once you pass the Certification Test, we will confirm your Affiliate Referral Code, and you're off to the races.

We'll send you the link to our Resources page, which has all the product guides, tips, and tricks to make getting installs super easy. We'll also send you a fancy CHIVE TV T-shirt when you get your first install!