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What Is

CHIVE TV Pro takes your favorite channel to the next level with customizable digital signage.

Access the Digital Signage Manager to create custom promotions with premade templates or upload your own marketing materials to showcase specials, events, and other promotions on-screen.

Why Use Digital Signage?

Makes Money

60% of businesses using Digital Signage increase sales up to 33% by creating more opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

Saves Money

Saves you the hassle, costs, and clutter of print material for promotions. This alone can amount to thousands of dollars saved per year!

Higher Quality

Allows businesses to use higher quality, more engaging ads, capturing 400% more views than static displays.

Why Choose

Run your messaging in front of a captive audience. CHIVE TV attracts your customers' attention, ensuring they see your ads.

It's turnkey, instantaneous, and fully customizable across multiple venues from a single account.

Adding promotions to your CHIVE TV stream happens in real time, giving you the freedom to be creative on the fly. Plus, a child could use it with a few minutes of training!

Proven to increase purchase intent, ad recall, and brand awareness for featured items.

Ready For Pro?

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If you're already streaming CHIVE TV you can upgrade on your own by logging into your account or contact us to upgrade.

"The owners love the Chive Programming and how it keeps the customers entertained. They and I also love the fact that the program helps keep the customers at our delis longer, spending more money!"

Director of Business Development, Beach Hut Deli